Tips: Basic Mainicure

When you've had a long hectic day, it's great to be able to treat yourself to a manicure. However when you're spending money every week and you're on a budget it's time to start exploring other options. I'm not saying deprive yourself of this luxury, but be frugal about it and learn to give yourself a manicure that rivals a professional one.

Listed below are a few tips to achieve this:
  • When you're at a salon getting a mani observe/spy what the manicurist is doing (so you'll have an idea of what you should be doing).
  •  File your nails and buff them.
  • Push back your cuticles (some prefer to cut them). Even if you have short nails by pushing back your cuticles it elongates the nail bed. I recommend using cuticle oil when pushing back your cuticles.
  •  Apply nail polish base coat. Base coats have nutrients that prevent the nail from breakage, splitting and peeling. Aside from these added benefits base coats prevent nail polish from staining the nail.
  • Apply nail polish, try not to apply polish close to the cuticle. When the 1st coat is semi dry apply 2nd coat.
  • Final step is to apply a Top coat, I like to use Nailtiques formula 2. This Top coat gives the nail a shiny finish that will make your manicure appear as if it was professionally done.
Learning to master this is trial and error, however it's well worth the money you'll be saving!!

Nailtiques to go has a do it yourself kit for a basic manicure for $20, a nice way to start off..

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