NYC Sample Sale: Club Monaco

 Talk about being at the right place at the right time. I was working on the set of a photoshoot, when by chance we all heard there was a Club Monaco sample sale in the building. Needless to say a group of us hightailed it over there during our breaks. I was able to go today (Monday July 18th) when it officially opened for the public at 1:00pm. Trust when you read this, this is a sample sale you don't want to miss!

Nothing is over $35 at this sample sale, so ladies and gentleman work this into your schedules!!

Tuesday, July 19th  
Wednesday, July 20th  
Thursday, July 21st

Time 9am-12pm opens again 1pm—5pm

601 West 26th Street (between Eleventh & Twelfth Avenue) Suite 800
Side Note: It's pretty steamy in there so you might want to have a bottle of cold water with you!

Credit cards only and there are no fitting rooms


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