Fashion Icon: Frida Kahlo

 Frida's birthday past earlier this month on July 6th. In homage to this grand diva, I wanted to post a few images of this memorable icon. In a time where women were encouraged to be nothing more then ornaments. Frida not only spear headed her personal and political views but became one the most memorable women in history. Through out her ongoing health battles, heartache she took you on a journey which she reflected in her art. 

 This unabashed openness allowed you to catch a glimpse of women that beguiled you. Even though you could clearly see her pain and suffering you never pitied her, the fearlessness overpowered the honesty she laid though her paint brush.

Frida's life continues to inspire, intrigue and influence society in art and fashion. Here's just a few examples listed below.
Designer, Louis Verdad 2005 fashion show.

Marie Claire Italia, March 2011 Photographed by Wendy Bevan.

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1st image for Marie Claire Italia courtesy of
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