Inspirational Thought: Aging Well

As beauty fades and you begin to age, you have to figure out who you are...Have you made the connection that your inner life is your real life?

Everything external dissipates and goes away. If you have cultivated the internal, your inner life,your inner wisdom and inner spirit a connection to what really matters in your life.The aging process will not be difficult. 

Because you know who you are. You will accept it and stop resisting against and pushing against what is. Understanding who you are is necessary, cultivating your inner connection to what really matters. Aging well, is giving yourself the freedom to be who you were meant to be. Own who and what you are and celebrate it!
If you would like to watch more of it, click on the link above. 

I have been watching the show and find it to be very insightful. The lessons are simple yet very profound. Overall, I feel internally we all know the answers, or have asked ourselves these questions. Sometimes the pace of day to day life (at least for me) doesn't allow you to take the time listen to your thoughts. This is where Oprah's Lifeclass comes in handy, it challenges you to explore "who you are" further.

Oprah's Lifeclass, airs Monday-Friday log onto OWN for more info.

From time to time I'll be posting some of the topics from Oprah's Life Class.


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