Style: Dr.Martens

I was on my way to work (barely awake) and something shiney caught my eye. Let me preface this by saying I am a sucker for anything metallic when it comes to shoes and accessories. So I noticed this young girl wearing these awesome metallic pewter Dr. Martens.  Please note, the last time I even thought about Dr. Martens was when I was in High School (a long time ago listening to Depeche mode).

 All I can say is that Dr. Martins have come along way. I have no idea where I have respects to not noticing these lovelies sooner (since they've been out for awhile). But I have to have them, so If anyone shares my little obsession with shiney things..feel free to enjoy, details are below.

The shoe retails on the Dr.Martens website for $120 from the 1460 Collection.


  1. Ha! My Mexican mother likes shiny things, but she likes them to be very girly shiny things...preferably pink or turquoise. I can't quite see her in these!



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