Jewelry: Bijoux Vixen

 The fashion savvy founder of "Bijoux Vixen", Taiana Peña, Ahem, who I also have the honor of calling my friend. Always dreamt of running her own business. Her experience in various aspects of the fashion industry within production, merchandising, visuals and retail operations has contributed and enabled her to hone her business acumen into her jewelry line. With her 10+years of experience in the fashion industry, she's come to understand not only the aspect of creativity but the demand of products consumers covet.

Her love for accessories is from her passion for all things glamorous and beautiful.  She's always referred to accessories as "the icing on the cake", and loved how they can totally revamp an outfit from day to night or classic to chic. It's the one fashionable piece where you don't have the pressure to worry about your dress size. Fashion is a form of expression and individuality that easily translates through jewelry. She adds, us women shouldn't deprive ourselves just because we may not fit the mode of a supermodel nor feel the need to break the bank to be able to treat ourselves to a little glam.

Ultimately her vision is to offer beautiful, luxurious, one of a kind pieces that can be affordable to everyone.  Bijoux Vixen's mission is to celebrate the unique beauty and individuality of you through the love for wearable art "Jewelry".  

The Bijoux Vixen motto is B.Glam, B.Chic B.Fierce!! Luckily their having a promo for the 4th of July!! Free shipping on purchases, over $50.

This offer is only valid July 2nd-July 6th
"Domestic Shipping Only"


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