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 When I’m on the go, one of my must have items that I need on hand are sunglasses. It’s one of the few accessories that can take a very casual outfit and give it a sleek look. Finding the style that compliments you may at times feel as if you’re searching for the holy grail. But alas,my fair ladies, there is one particular brand that I find has a variety of different frames that flatters and adds that touch of effortless glamour women want.

 I had a chance to sit down and speak to the designer for Darylynn Eyewear, Darylynn Ayala Macaluso. She definitely changes the scope of how one views this everyday accessory, take a gander at the Q&A below.

 SV: When did your fascination begin with sunglasses
DE: It began with my grandmother in Argentina. She wore the coolest tortoise shell frames with a dark green lens when I was little.  I have them now & cherish them.

Darylynn's, Grandmother's Sunglasses
SV: How did you transition from collecting vintage sunglasses to designing your own? 

DE: I became really passionate about eyewear and it was a natural progression for me. Creating my own collection felt right. In my opinion eyewear is the most important accessory, followed by a statement bag & shoes.

SV: Your frames are a work of art and their aesthetic is very unique. How do you strike a balance between form and function?  
DE: It's important to be a good technical designer, frames need to fit well so it's something I put a lot of thought into. I enjoy problem solving my way through an idea.

SV: What inspires you when you’re designing your collection?
DE: People, architecture, culture, history. Being a curious person has always led me to get excited and inspired by my surroundings.

SV: What embodies a DE muse?
DE: My DE muses are why I do what I do. It brings a big smile to my face when someone enjoys my work. A DE muse is someone who marches to the beat of their own drum. Someone who has a colorful personal style and is not a follower of trends.

SV: What is next for DE?
DE: We are launching our optical collection.
Preview of optical collection
SV: As a designer and business owner, what are a few things that you can give insight or have learned when establishing your company/brand? 
DE: Its a lot of work and it's all up to you to make it grow, make things happen. Mistakes are going to happen, money will be lost in the process but if your heart is in it, it all seems to work out. Just give it your best shot. As my muse, Charlie Chaplin once said, "Failure is unimportant, it takes courage to make a fool of yourself."

As I sat with Darylynn and was listening to her describe what inspires her to create her eyewear collection, I had to ask what the story was behind some of the names of the sunglasses. Read below for added insight.

DE: Bugsy Rose -This is my favorite style. I wanted to create something massive, a pair of frames that would cover most of your face so all you would need is lipstick and a smile. It continues to be the best seller. The name was inspired by an Old Hollywood gangster character from the film Bugsy Malone.
Bugsy in Smoke
 DE: Darling Dita- I designed this style with burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese in mind. It's like a bug eye meets cat eye frame. Named it in her honor.

Image of Dita Von Teese by Ali Mahdavi and Darling Dita in Black

DE :Siren Sabine- This style was a mix of old and new. The gold temple adds the futuristic feeling while the frame it's self has a 70's feel. Named it Siren Sabine to reflect my love of Old Hollywood. In my dreams I can see Jean Harlow rockin' them.

Siren Sabine in Tortoise Shell
DE: VaVoom Vellis- Brown Art Deco all the way !! The beveled edge on the lens give it elegance while the gold temples wrapping around the lens creates the Deco influence. This was the first pair of sunglasses I ever designed. It was named after a dear friends family member, Vellis. Always loved the name and I always try to honor people who inspire me.

VaVoom Velis in Smoke.
Darylynn’s innate sensibility to translate her inspirations into her eyewear collection, is what makes these sunglasses stand apart. Darylynn Eyewear are sunglasses that have a story and adds more of a mystique to the women who wear them.

More info. on Darylynn Eyewear go to www.darylynn.com 

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