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I've been traveling a lot lately. What I've learned? It's the necessity of packing light. Keeping things minimal is no small feat. I like to plan ahead and be prepared for any unknown mishap (being the organized Virgo that I am). But what ends up happening is that I over pack and don't even use half the stuff that I've brought. This is the main reason I decided I needed to minimize and change tactics. Depending on how long my trips are I either bring a small carry-on suitcase with my backpack. But if it's only a few days I'll just bring my backpack. Trust me if I can do it, you can too! The picture above highlights a few of my essentials and I'll explain why..

When I travel I like to be comfortable. Being the sneaker head that I am, I'm not going to throw any pair of kicks on. These limited edition Melody Ehsani x Reebok speak to me. Aesthetically beautiful and a nice way to bump up an outfit.

 Melody Ehsani x Reebok Gradiant Classic Leather $150

 When I decided to take this route, I opted to set my Longchamp bag aside and buy a backpack. I wanted something practical and functional that I could fit my laptop and clothes. But most importantly, not appear as if I was backpacking cross county. When I came across this unisex Everlane backpack I knew this was the bag I was looking for. 

Everlane Twill Snap Back Pack $65

As a woman it's hard not to feel compelled to carry a purse. But if I'm stepping out for a quick bit, the practicality of carrying a big bag is moot. I wanted to get a wallet that could carry my phone and my credit cards, this embossed python wallet by GiGi New York is perfect! What sold me, is the removable magnetic iPhone case detail and the option to personalize the case with my inititials.

Gigi New York iPhone 6 Wallet Case $115
Nuits De Noho by Bondno9 $200/ Darylynn Eyewear $300
Last but not least are my sunglasses by Darylynn Eyewear (I featured the designer in a previous post). My sunglasses accompanied by my favorite scent, Nuits De Noho by Bondno9 and I'm all set and ready for my flight . Ultimately the strategy is to bring items that serve a dual purpose. Once you edit your must have items and figure that out, the rest is easy. Because let's be honest, traveling like a pack mule is not chic nor sexy!

 For more tips on travel essentials head to The Social NY, one of my favorite bloggers who I have the honor of calling my friend. She has a great take on her Labor Day Essentials. 

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  1. Love it! I will keep your tips in mind for my next vaca this feb!

    1. Glad you Love it, appreciate the feed back. Would love to hear how the tips helped on your upcoming vacation.



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