Grooms: A Professional Stylist's Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for EveryBudget.

A great perk of being an industry insider is meeting and supporting a friend with the launch of an amazing project. Donnell Baldwin is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant with whom I've had the privilege to work. Donnell and his wife Courtney Arrington-Baldwin are the team behind Mr. Baldwin Style, a New York-based company specializing in dressing Grooms and non-marrying gentlemen. This husband and wife duo have taken it a step further and have put together their first book, "Grooms: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget".

Grooms by Donnell Baldwin & Courtney Arrington-Baldwin

"Grooms" is a comprehensive go-to guide for the modern groom. It takes what can be an otherwise overwhelming process and breaks it down to a manageable level. The book provides insight on how to begin the selection process for the wedding day, ways to save money and how to master the look. However, what makes this book stand out are the step by step descriptions on how to achieve all the looks that speak to the vision of said Groom. Categories include The Classic Groom, the Classic Groom Remixed, the Chic Groom, the Groom in Color, the Preppy Groom, the Rustic Groom, the Island Groom and the Holiday Groom. 

The Classic Groom Remixed
Left:The Classic Groom Remixed Right:The Chic Groom

There is not one aspect that has not been covered. The book also includes grooming advice and an apparel timeline to ensure the attire is ready on the big day. Alongside other helpful features such as common mistakes to avoid and a head-to-toe checklist before the ceremony. This book isn’t just a Style Guide; it’s a concise survival guide for a Groom-to-be, as well as an important book to include in your fashion library!

Book can be purchased on Amazon or on their website Mr.Baldwin Style

Images courtesy: Alea Lovely
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