Nikola's Fundamentals of Nutrition

 I met Nikola a few years ago during a photoshoot I was working on, he was one of the models on set. As the day continued (might I add, it was a long day) we got to know each other a bit and stayed in contact afterwards. That’s how our friendship began alongside our weakness for sweets. Four years later, I’m sitting down with him as he shares his personal journey of nutrition and how he has implemented that in his company

SV: What were some of the challenges you experienced once you decided to be healthier and change your eating habits?
NF: One of the biggest challenges I experienced was that there are too many unhealthy options surrounding us, therefore making it hard to resist temptations. Another challenge was lack of time to prepare healthy meals. After a few weeks into my new habit, I realized those were just excuses. If you make your health a priority, all the challenges will become irrelevant.
SV: What were some of the benefits that made it easier to adopt this journey and stay with it?
NF:The most important benefit is that my health drastically improved. My energy levels went up and there was no more afternoon mood swings. Waking up in the morning became so much easier without any need for caffeine.
SV: Aside from seeing your own physical transformation, what inspired you to create Nikola's Fundamentals of Nutrition?
NF: Once I experienced how you can improve your health just by making healthier choices, I felt a strong desire to empower others to take their health to the next level.

SV: What is the biggest misconception that you would like to dispel when one is committing to changing their eating habits? 
NF: Unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions. When someone starts a diet, the first thing they will most likely do is to control their portions and do endless calorie counts. Let's face it, portion control makes us miserable and calorie counts are far from fun, unless you love equations. The truth is that, for long lasting changes you need different a approach.

SV: Your story is very inspiring and relatable, do you find that it helps when you're speaking with a client that is struggling? 
NF: Actually, it helps a lot. When I speak about weight loss, people usually assume that I either have a fast metabolism or skinny genetics. But once they see my old pictures it becomes much easier for them to believe that they too can change.

SV: What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching the fundamentals of nutrition? 
NF: Seeing a client changing their eating habits and reaching their health goals, is very rewarding and especially when they adopt their new habits as a lifestyle. That to me is priceless. 

Nikola’s fundamentals are attainable. The hardest part is making the decision, but once the commitment is made the rest is easy. He helps facilitate to eat clean is not about sacrifice nor does taste need to be compromised. In the quick video that I included, it show’s Nikola cooking as well as us sharing our philosophy on gratitude. My favorite part of the video was the food, because it was delicious, especially the crepes (I did mention I had a sweet tooth). If you would like more details to attend a group or one on one session you can contact him at his site

 Coconut Crepes 
-paleo wrap
-shredded coconut flakes
-carob powder
-raw cacao nibs

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