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I've put together a guide of brands that I consider to be must haves. To either add as a new addition to your closet or a gift idea. Some of these brands I've been introduced to because I have used them for my fashion shoots. I've become so enamored that I need to find out more about the company and add them to my personal collection. In this guide you'll find a little of bit of everything and if you need a scapegoat as to why you've become a shopaholic feel free to say it's Stylevamp's fault!

 Luther in Natural $1275

Hands down these have become one of my favorites shoes. J.J.Gray are handcrafted in Spain. They collaborate with third generation artisans to create a unique line of shoes and riding boots. Made of supple calf-skin leather and because each pair are handmade, no two-pair are alike. The shoes embody a timeless quality-- the more they are worn, the leather molds to the feet. They are designed to last and will become an essential piece to have in your wardrobe.

 Edgar in Chocolate Brown $1175 

Arthur (The Boyfriend Shoe) in Chocolate Brown $390

My taste in jewelry varies on my mood. It can be a bold statement piece or something classic. Sometimes it'll be fusion of both, for those days when I just want to go by my own rules--which is usually everyday! Hunter NY has been a go to of mine for many years for shoots, gifts and an addition to my own jewelry collection. Aesthetically their style is minimalistic but it has an edge to it. So you have a bit of both styles; statement and classic jewelry that can be layered effortlessly.

              Mini Violet Stud Earrings:Rose Gold $240                       Mini Violet Ring:Rose Gold $225

 Long Alexis Bar Bracelet:Sterling Silver $60                       Mini Violet Necklace:Rose Gold $400

TM1985 is a Brooklyn-based Designer and maker of men's and women's fine leather and canvas accessories. The focal point in the inspiration is the trifecta; utility, quality and longevity, which can be seen in their travel bags, purses and wallets. As someone who travels a lot and is on the go, I don't like to compromise aesthetics or function; with TM1985 I have both!

Store is located:
261 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231 

Transporter Pouch in Navy and Tan $65              Bucket Bag in Brown and Tan $195

When you think about television, you're reminded of good memories and laughs. It can either be from watching your favorite singer, athlete or tv show. You're instantly transported into a different time. A time when your crushes and idols predated the Internet. Kiddie Confessionals takes this feeling of nostalgia and brings it to their designs. Their t-shirts and sweat shirts brings an instant smile and gets you completely in the feels.

   Jesus Shuttlesworth Hoodie in Black $109.99                             Denise Huxtable in Grey $99.00

  Theo Huxtable in Grey $49.00                                                      Bobby Brown in White $49.00 

Left To Right: Sky "9x12" $100; Moon Flower "9x12" $100

If you didn't get a chance to see Toofly's "Love Warrior" exhibition in Los Angeles you're in for a treat. Toofly currently has framed prints for sale through January 1st at Fresthetic, a Brooklyn based store in NYC. As an art lover, I'm a firm believer in investing in living artist. Because art is an important component that not only visually inspires but also breathes life into any room. 

552 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mas Amor "9x12" $100
Free Spirit B/W "16x16" $250

In the coming months I'll be curating more gotham guides, because sharing is caring!

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